Tuesday, 3 April 2012

February - March (:

Months since I updated my blog. Honestly, I'm too lazy to update all these things. But never mind, once in months :p I'm updating this on April. April just started so there's nothing much. I'm starting with February. So, I just finished my first ever exam as a "Form 4 student" Well the marks been "outstanding" Well I hope you understand what I mean by "outstanding" Pretty disappointed with the results. But since this is my first exam, it's okay. But the next one, I will make sure I won't repeat the same mistakes .. -.- Well there been some stupid things that distracted me from doing well in exams. I went for that "stupid" things and I get pissed at the end. For sure I get pissed because it's stupid. Oh crap -.- Hahaha. Hm gonna stop talking about this .. bla bla bla. Okay LIVERPOOL. There been "impressive" results huh from the past few games? Yeah nice. I LOVE BEING A LIVERPOOL FAN -.- We lost too many games and we deserve it for poor management. But I'm not crticising Dalglish. Injuries been over and over. This season is nothing for us now since we got Europa league. We're in semis of FA Cup and vs Everton. Should look forward for the next season. I guess that's all from me, I'm too lazy too update all this thingys :p Gahaha thanks for reading all this craps. BYE!

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