Thursday, 9 February 2012

My first month of 2012, Yeah January :)

Oh hello there. A long time since I update my blog, Haha. I had many moments in January. Bad moments and Good moments. Okay the first one was my class, I get the class I wanted. Some of my friends didn't get the class they wanted, this makes me feel like I don't deserve this class. My friends were mourning for the one whole week, I was just going with it. Okay the second one. About the freaking subjects. It's quite hard, maths is more tougher add-maths -.- Biology and Chemistry seems to be okay because we are still in the first chapter and so on, Haha. Okay the third one, Hm. Should I say this? Yeah about my confession to this one girl. Oh this which spoils my month. I feel stupid with all these things. But Adzufry told me this. Think this way "If she wouldn't cry for me, why should I cry for her" Talking about this makes me feel stupid over and over again -.- It's a very long story. I don't have to tell everything. Okay the next one. My first goal for Enfiers :D Oh yeah my best moment ever? I scored that goal from 30 yards bro. But the shot was deflected, but goal goes to me because I shoot it, Haha. Okay this is what I had in January. Let's hope the best from February :) Kay that's all. Bye.

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